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Current State of Praedium

State of the project

Today I’m going to very shortly run through the current issues I have and what I’m working on, regarding the Praedium project.

As a result of my refactoring in Malison library, I have implemented the proper mapping for the CP437 font. I also changed the application code and tinkered a little bit with the form to allow font-size changes while game is still running.

For now it’s a bit clunky as it also resizes the window to the fixed row/column number. I’m in the middle of changing it so it adopts a terminal size adequate to the window size, so the user can maximize it and enjoy a fullscreen experience.
Unfortunately I never had a need to code such a feature in Windows Forms and I’m either doing something wrong or the API simply doesn’t want to work so easily.

I have also shuffled around with the namespaces in order to isolate the strictly engine-related code into one, separate project.
Doing so, will allow me to extract the engine itself from the project and maybe use it in other games and allow other people to take a look or even use it.

My current main issue I’m facing is the world data representation. I was firstly thinking about a generic object collection from which every would be processed on it’s own. But it leaves me with the trouble of designing the world or levels/maps in an easy way.
Defining the visuals of complex objects that take up more than single character from code is quite a bad idea.

I’m thinking about using the open source Tiled Map Editor for creating tilemaps and then processing them with some third-party library.

I’m keen on jumping and coding that myself but I know I’ll be just straying from the main project even more, so I’ll stick with not reinventing the wheel. For now.

Although a bit short, that’s it for today’s post!